writing and recording the music

I must admit I found the writing process harder than I had anticipated, I was writing something very different from anything I had really tried to write before. Being use to write either acoustic or slow almost shoegazey tracks before writing what would effectively become a hardcore punk song was a challenge. I was always […]

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VR in Popular Culture

The Fist appearance of a Virtual Reality concept was in the 1935 short story Pygmalion’s Spectacles by Stanley G. Weinbaum in which goggle-based virtual reality system with holographic recording is described. The first working example of virtual reality was in the 50’s with the Sensorama, a machine that used every sense to immerse a viewer in a […]

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Creating The Robot

  I looked at tom’s original concept art while designing my version of the bot. I started with the black middle shell, designing on the size and gun part. I then made a larger sphere and using hollow cylinders I cut holes in it. I then used cubes and circles to cut the other holes […]

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